No Header or Header Only on First Page in Microsoft Word


Perhaps you want a logo only on the first page of your letterhead. If so, click here to see how to create a letterhead.

But if you want no header on the first page, because perhaps it's your cover page, then you need only go to File Page Setup and go to the Layout tab, and choose Different First Page.


A lot of people don't understand the ramifications of using this setting, so I'll point them out.

  • If you insert a next-page section break later in your document, the new section will also have a Different First Page setup, so you may want to switch that section only back by unchecking it, while the Apply to box says This Section Only.
  • Same as previous and Link to previous in the next section's First Page header will link to the previous First Page header (see Understanding Section Breaks).
  • Having a Different First Page does not allow for different page margins. Only inserting a section break allows that. See Understanding Section Breaks.