Learn Menus Quickly in Microsoft Word


Following these steps will help you to learn Word's menus quickly and thoroughly. Word’s Menu Bar resides just below the Title bar, as with virtually all Windows applications.

Becoming familiar with the features of an application is more than half the battle of learning it. If you are new to Word, forget the tutorials and learn the features. Once you know they're there, you can always look up how to use them.

When you perform this exercise, keep in mind that people remember things more if they write them down than if they type them.

Create a list of each of the Menu Bar items and their options. Then, describe each of the options in your own words. You might be able to describe a lot of them from experience with other applications or just from common sense.

If you don’t know what a menu item does, then find out. If you use Word a lot, you may find that you did not know about features you’d been wishing were available!

You don't need to keep the document you create. The intent of the exercise is to make you aware of most of the features available in Word. I find that by writing or typing something, I remember it more easily. How many people would be aware of the mail merge feature if they had done this when they first started using Word? You may laugh that someone is not aware of the mail merge feature, but I have seen questions time and time again on different support forums where the asker describes the need for a mail merge but has no idea what it is called.