Find and Replace Styles in Microsoft Word


I have often found myself wanting to change my styles to incorporate, perhaps, a new heading. For instance, suppose I take my 300-page manual and decide that I should breakdown the chapters into 6 parts. Hence, I now need a new style that is above my Heading 1 Chapter style for my Part headings.

First, see if this method is more in line with what you want to do (thanks to Daiya Mitchell for the suggestion!):

If you're uncomfortable with Outline view, then try this method.

What I need to do is move all my styles down one style. So I begin in reverse. I am using Heading styles 1 through 4. I add a new heading style of Heading 5. I want to change all my Heading 4s to Heading 5, Heading 3s to Heading 4s, and so on. Find and replace will help me accomplish my task.

Hit Ctrl+H or EditReplace. With your cursor in the Find What box, hit Morethen click the Format button. Choose Style and pick Heading 4. Click inside the Replace with box and choose Style and pick Heading 5.

After choosing your style, the Find what box will look like this:

There is no need to enter any text to be found. We are simply searching for anything at all that has the Heading 4 style applied to it. Now, do the same thing in the Replace with box, but choose Heading 5.

Hit Replace all.