Create a Partners Letterhead Template in Microsoft Word


Here, we demonstrate how to properly create a "partners" letterhead template. With this method, we place names on the left-hand side of the first page. When you go to the second page, whether because you kept typing and an automatic page break occurs, or because you manually insert a page break or next-page section break, your second page doesn’t have to contain your logo.

We demonstrate how to properly place names of partners or principles in the left- or right-hand columns, and how to make the different margin settings that such a layout requires. Click here to go right to that special layout.

Follow the instructions for Creating a Letterhead Template, with the following minor changes, when you need to have a list of persons or organizations on the left- or right-hand side of your letterhead. Law firms and CPA firms often use these layouts.

In another document, type the partners name in a list inside of a text box that you create from the Drawing toolbar. If you don’t see that toolbar at the bottom of your screen, choose View Toolbars from the menu, and click Drawing.

Tip. Click on the Text Box toolbar button and draw a text box the approximate width you'll need for the names. Type the names into it. If you are using organization names that are lengthy, consider making them two lines, but using line breaks instead of paragraph returns within the names, then use paragraph returns between names. Then, choose all the names and hit Format Paragraph, and put 3 in the Space Before and Space After boxes. This provides slight spacing between the names, but not between the lines on names that take more than one line. If you have difficulty setting up the names, keep the text box in a document in a safe place in case something changes.

Select the border of the text box, and hit Ctrl+X to cut it from the page.

From the menu, choose View Header and Footer. Then Edit Paste Special. Choose Picture (JPEG) and hit OK.

Your letterhead should look something similar to the picture below.

Now, double-click the picture (it’s no longer a text box, remember?) and, on the Layout tab, format it to have Square text wrapping. Did you notice that you just created your “special” margin for the first page only?

Your document should look something like the picture below.

If your margin isn’t large enough, go back into the Header and Footer and double-click the graphic. Go to the Layout tab and choose the Advanced button. Choose Square text wrapping again, and type a larger value into the Distance from text box marked Right until the spacing is suitable.

All other settings are similar to the “regular” Letterhead Template described here.