Kill the Office Clipboard in Microsoft Office


Annihilate, asphyxiate, assassinate, blow away, bump off, butcher, chill, cream, croak, crucify, dispatch, do in, drown, dump, electrocute, eradicate, erase, execute, exterminate, extirpate, finish off, garrote, get, guillotine, hang, hit, ice, immolate, knock off, liquidate, lynch, massacre, murder, neutralize, obliterate, off, poison, polish off, put away, rub out, sacrifice, slaughter, slay, smother, snuff, strangle, suffocate, take, waste, wipe out, or zap the Office Clipboard forever!

Office 2000

Office 2002 and Office 2003

From the menu, choose Edit Office Clipboard. At the bottom of the task pane on the right, hit the Options drop-down. Choose Collect Without Showing Office Clipboard.