Best Install Procedures for Microsoft Office


Installing More Than One Version

The most common error people make when installing multiple versions of Microsoft Office is that they do a default installation. No can do. You must install multiple versions as follows:

  • Install oldest versions first. If you have already installed a newer version and want to install an older version, then you must first completely remove the newer version completely, and reinstall oldest to newest.
  • Install to different directories. It's okay to install the first (oldest) version to its default location, which is C:\Program Files. However, I currently run four versions and have each in their own folder right on my C drive, with folder names as follows: Office97, Office00, Office02, Office03.
  • When installing, choose the Custom Install option. At the top of the options, you can click on Microsoft Office, and choose "Run All From My Computer". This is the best option for optimum results. If you do not choose this option, you won't get many things installed, such as the Wizards, which are so helpful to those of us who need them!