Using an Include Page in Microsoft FrontPage


This website uses includes for the header and the footer. Very much like a Microsoft Word document, you can create a web page for the header only, and have each page use it. Ditto the footer. Our header and footer are very similar and contain pretty much the same content. But now you'll know how you can quickly change all the copyright statements at once on your web, or how to put your logo on every page without copy/paste.

Step 1. Create the include pages.

First, create the pages. We called ours include_header.htm and include_footer.htm.

Step 2. Insert them into your web pages.

From the menu, choose Insert Web Component. Choose Component type: Include, and Page as the Content type.

If you go to HTML view after doing this, you'll see the web bot that is created; ours looks like this:

Rather than go into every one of your pages and hit all those menu options, you can do a Find and Replace. Every HTML web page has a body tag:

  1. Copy your webbot line in HTML view.

  2. Hit Ctrl+H to bring up the Find and Replace dialog box.

  3. Type in the text of your body tag into the Find box.

  4. In the Replace box, type the body tag again. Immediately following it, paste your webbot text.

  5. Choose the Find in HTML checkbox. Choose All Pages.

  6. Hit Replace all.