Tables in Microsoft FrontPage


This is just some tips I've learned using tables in FrontPage. This web uses a cascading style sheet (CSS), but many webs I've created use tables.

  • Set your table properties to make the table a specific width in percentage. If you set the table to 75% width, for instance, it doesn't matter whose PC or the resolution they use, it'll take up 75% of the width of their browser window.
  • Set your column width to percentages that total 100%. If you put your menus in a left-hand table column, and your body text in the right, make sure that the two widths are set to percentages that total 100%. Perhaps 20% for the left column and 80% for the right.
  • FrontPage tables are nearly the opposite (at least for me) to Word tables, in that I like to use one long (tall) cell in FrontPage, regardless of the number of paragraphs I have.
  • Even if you don't use tables for your body text, you can still use them for headers and footers.
  • You can set your text with a white background and "frame" it with color by using a 3-column table with 3 rows. Use the background property of the table cells (right-click, Format Cell) to fill them with color.