Setting the Page Title in Microsoft FrontPage


If you have just created a page in FrontPage and are viewing it a browser, glance up at the upper left of the browser’s title bar; did you set the page title?

Sounds like a simple thing, but it is too often forgotten. There are several ways to set the page title in FrontPage.


While in the Normal view, right click anywhere in the white space of your web page. From the right-click context menu, select Page Properties…

With the Page Properties dialog open, click on the General tab. You will see Title in the second field-and it will likely inform you that your new page’s name is “New Page 1”. In the Title field, type in the page name that you would like to have displayed when someone visits your page, and then click OK to close the Page Properties dialog.

Save your page and view it in your browser; the new page name will now appear in the upper left of the browser’s Title bar.

HTML Method

For the HTML-comfortable, another way to set the page title is to switch to HTML view. In the meta data area at the top of the page, find the <title></title> tags.

Change the page name (shown as "New Page 1" below) between the tags, save the page and you’re done.