Publish a Web in Microsoft FrontPage


So you have created your web and now you're ready to publish it. This is fairly simple, thank goodness. This website was built and is maintained in FrontPage. (Some things, such as the article counters, are Javascript.)

Most web hosting services provide what is called FrontPage Extensions. These are required for publishing websites directly from FrontPage. It is also important to check which versions of FrontPage are supported by your web host.

FrontPage components, such as menus and forms, REQUIRE that you publish them from FrontPage instead of using the traditional FTP method used by web designers who don't use FrontPage. These components may not work properly if you do not use the Publish feature.

Just go to the File menu and choose Publish Web. In the small dialog that comes up, type in your web address using this syntax:

You'll need to enter the same password you use to access your website, often called your FTP username and password. Hit Enter. You should connect and then get the screen below (shots taken in FrontPage 2002).

Once you have this window open, you can hit the Show button at bottom-right to see both your web on your hard drive and the web folders on your server.

Check the Options at bottom left to see about overwriting all files or just those that have changed.

Hit Publish! Once you have published your web, you should no longer have to enter the URL or your username and password again.

To publish just one or two pages, you can select the files from your Folder List just as you would in Windows Explorer, then right-click and choose Publish Selected Files... or you can use the window shown above and click and drag.