Page Remains in Table of Contents List After Deletion in Microsoft FrontPage


I should have taken a screenshot before I fixed it, but I just cleared up this issue with some help from Corey Bryant.

I had named a page wrong, so I did a Save as to a new name. That's probably where I went wrong. I probably should have saved it, closed it, and renamed it instead. After I did this, the TOC showed the old page AND the new page.

I deleted the badly named file from the server, I deleted the entire Excel folder of articles from the server, I republished all the files to the server. Nothing helped.

I tried Tools Recalculate Hyperlinks, and that didn't help either.

I reinstalled FrontPage extensions on the server, and that didn't help.

Finally, I uninstalled the FrontPage extensions, and then reinstalled them. This tells me I will lose the .htaccess files, which is (I can only assume) where this rogue filename was being picked up.

Update: Kathleen Anderson, FrontPage MVP (and be sure to check out her Resources page!), was kind enough to offer this solution. She asked:

The results of a ToolsRecalculate Hyperlinks are not published. That's why doing only in your local web doesn't work for your live web. The Recalculate Hyperlinks command repairs hyperlinks, updates FrontPage Web component information, and synchronizes Web site data, database information, and categories.

Thanks, Kathleen!