Linking to a Frame in Microsoft FrontPage


Many folks have a hard time figuring out how to open a page within a frame on their web page. FrontPage has a simple solution for you.

We have an inline frame on our web page that displays some information to the viewer. The information that they see is dependent on the link that they click. But how do we get that information to display when the link is clicked?

Select your frame and right click to get the context menu.

From the right-click menu, select Inline Frame Properties… and set the Initial Page value to the page that you want displayed when the visitor first lands on your site. If you have more than one frame on the page, be sure to use the Name field to identify which frame you want which page to appear in.

Our example shows the dataone.html page as our default page – this is the information that will be displayed when the visitor first lands on our page. We have named our frame iframe_one. Click OK to close the dialog.

With our default page set, let's create a link.

We want our information from our datatwo.html page displayed when the visitor clicks the FrameInfo #2 link…so here is how we do it:

Select the text for the link. Right click for the context menu and select Hyperlink… With the Insert Hyperlink dialog open, select the page that you want linked to the text (the page link will appear in the Address field near the bottom of the dialog) and now click the Target Frame button.

In the Common Targets list you should see your frame name (ours is iframe_one in the example image). Select your frame name and click OK to close the Target Frame dialog and click OK to close the Insert Hyperlink dialog. Your page link to the frame is now set.

If you want the visitor to be able to return to the default page that appears in the frame on your page, be sure to create a link so that the visitor can return.

Try your new frame setup out-open the page in a browser window and test those links!

This is a great way to get targeted information in front of your visitors but still allowing them the choice as to what they want to view. This process is the same for full-page frame and split frames as well (but for split frames you will need to designate the pages and links per frame.