Sum the Same Cell in Multiple Microsoft Excel Worksheets


Few people know how to do this, but once you learn, you'll never forget.

Suppose you have twelve worksheets named January through December. You want to sum the total of cell A2 of all these worksheets on a sheet called Summary.

First, make sure your Summary worksheet is not amidst the others. In other words, make sure it appears at the far right or far left of the monthly worksheets. Whatever you do, you'll want all the worksheets you're summing to be side-by-side, with no "foreign" worksheets in between.

Then, just write your formula as shown below.


Suppose your worksheets aren't in any kind of sequential order. Or you have 50 worksheets, and you only want to sum 30 of them, but you're constantly adding worksheets, so the beginning and end worksheet names may change?

In this case, place a blank worksheet to the left of the first worksheet you want to include in the formula. Call that worksheet "First". Insert another blank worksheet after the last worksheet you want to include in the formula. Call that worksheet "Last". You can even hide these worksheets!

Then, your formula will be:


What if you add another worksheet between the first and last worksheet you use? Nothing! It'll add the cells in the new worksheet, too. If you don't want the values of a certain worksheet added, keep the worksheet outside of between the first and last worksheets you use in your formula.