Perform Arithmetic on a Group of Cells in Microsoft Excel


So you have a sheet of data in very high numbers, and you only want to display it in thousands. There's two ways to approach it.


Use a custom format on the cell by going to Format Cells, choose Custom and type in the custom format as shown. Note the sample in the dialog box. The drawback? Like any formatting, you could have cells that show values that don't add up properly because by cell formatting, you're really rounding the value, but the actual values used in formulas are not being rounded. So 2 + 2 might not equal 4.


If you prefer to change the values, instead of using a format, then you can literally divide all the values by 1,000. Just type 1000 into any blank cell and copy the cell. Choose all the cells you want to reduce to thousands, and hit Edit Paste Special Divide, OK.


Want to increase all your prices by 5%? Just type 1.05 into a blank cell. Copy the cell. Select all your prices. Hit Edit Paste Special Multiply, OK.