Copy Sheets to Another Workbook in Microsoft Excel


Often, rather than trying to copy cells to another workbook or to another worksheet, it's much easier to just copy the whole worksheet, and then delete anything you might not have wanted copied over.

Just right-click the sheet tab to get the menu. Choose Move or Copy.

The Move or Copy dialog appears. From the top drop-down, you can choose from any open workbook, or leave it as the workbook you're already in. Check the Create a copy box. (I always check this even if I want to move the sheet because I want to make sure it's safely moved before I delete it.) Hit OK.

If you want to copy multiple sheets, there's several ways to select them. You can hold your shift key and select the first and last worksheet tabs, and all tabs in between are automatically selected. You can hold the Ctrl key down and only the tabs you click on are selected. Or you can right-click and choose Select All Sheets. Then, you can continue following the instructions as above. Just right-click any one of the selected sheets to get the menu.